Hangovertinis at Bangkok Sky Bar

I’ve been a bit useless on the blog front the last few days but that’s because I’ve been with Gary and I haven’t wanted to waste his time waiting around for me to write an entry. So I’ll just pick up where I last left off. Like I said, we had all good intentions of seeing things that day apart from Khao San road but we failed miserably until the evening (a common occurrence for me in Bangkok!). Our day consisted of wandering up the road for some lunch and then wandering back an sitting at the hotel pool for a few hours. While we were there we got talking to a girl from the UK called Claire who was excited by the prospect of coming to the Sky Bar with us (it’s actually called Lebua). Ever since I saw the Hangover 2 it’s somewhere I’ve wanted to go so on this visit to Bangkok it was top of my to do list.

So we got dressed up (which isn’t that posh backpacker style!) and flagged down a taxi. A taxi which proceeded to drive us to an alley way in the middle of nowhere to what I can only guess was his family/mates restaurant. It was like he was hoping we would just get out and not notice that it wasn’t the sky bar! That’s the second time I’ve had issues with taxi’s in Bangkok so I’m not sure how much I trust them any more. Anyway so eventually we rocked up at the right place and got in the lift, feeling a little confused as to what floor (out of 64) we were going to need. Eventually we decided on the Sirocco level which we hoped was the same as the one in the film.

Drinking hangovertinis at Sirocco

Drinking hangovertinis at Sirocco

Somehow they managed to rope us into getting a meal indoors. The outdoor seating was fully booked and we were under the impression we needed to eat before we could see the view. They lead us to a rooftop viewing point which was crowded and not great, so we ate in the hope that they’d take us somewhere better afterwards. I ordered one of the cheapest things on the menu and the meal and the one hangovertini I bought came to around £45 (I just had to order the hangovertini even though I had no idea what was in it – it turned out to be some kind of whisky/amaretto concoction) That might not seem like too much in UK standards but for Thailand that is an absolute fortune! The meal was good but as standard with gourmet food the portion sizes were tiny. I filled up on bread and free olives but I had to laugh when Gary ordered just a starter which was basically 3 cherry tomatoes and a tiny piece of mozzarella. Gary is a chips and pizza guy and was not impressed in the slightest! my fillet of fish, however, was a lot better.

Gary's meal

Gary’s meal

My meal - not bad!

My meal – not bad!

After eating we asked if there was a better place to see the view. That’s when they led us around the corner to exactly what I was looking for – the restaurant and viewing deck from the film. It was at this point that we realised we had been conned slightly – we could have just gone out there straight away and ordered a drink but they tricked us into thinking we needed to eat. However, at that point I didn’t really care because the views were absolutely stunning. It was by far the best thing I’ve seen in Bangkok so far and I’m so glad I went. I had a real ‘I can’t believe I’m here’ moment and took about 50 photos while trying to work out the settings on my new camera.

Epic view from the sky tower by night

Epic view from the sky tower by night

They won’t let you take photos from anywhere other than the viewing platform which does mean you’re a little crowded and uncomfortable, but if you want to just take in the views and skip the photography you can easily stand at the side somewhere a bit quieter. I think if I were to go I would reserve a spot outside in advance as then I think the £45 would be totally worth it. Or I would just go straight in and get one £10 drink.

Part of the cocktail menu at Sicorro. 570 baht per drink (about £11.50)

Part of the cocktail menu at Sicorro. 570 baht per drink (about £11.50)

After feeling like I’d well and truly taken in the epic views we headed back to Khao San road (this time with no issues from the tuk tuk driver). I was tired and not really feeling up to drinking, luckily I think Gary was on the same level, especially as we had to be up at 6 in the morning for our bus to Koh Chang. So we ended up buying some drinks and heading up to the pool again. This time we bumped into a confused looking South African girl in the 7/11 who explained she was alone, so of course we dragged her back with us too. That’s what I love about travelling – you make friends in 7/11’s and they become your best friend for a week or so (those two are still travelling together now as far as I know).

So after a couple of drinks and conversation I headed to the room to call it a night, leaving Gary with the girls for a bit. He came back at around 3 and I was still up (after my jetlag I seem to have adopted a sleeping routine which means going to bed at 3, waking up at 5/6 and then getting up at about 1 – not the healthiest!). Getting up at 6am was not fun – I’ll write about that in my next post but in conclusion, if you’re going to Bangkok please go to the sky bar! and also, be open to meeting new people anywhere and everywhere!

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