Chilling out in Koh Chang

Our journey to Koh Chang began at 6am on Saturday. After around 2 hours sleep we were both feeling a little delirious but still managed to drag ourselves up in time to grab some quick breakfast before getting on the mini bus. Unfortunately there were only 2 seats left and they were in the front next to the driver. Being the gentleman Gary is he insisted on me having the good seat by the window and took the raised seat in the middle with no neck rest. He was not impressed!

Around 7 hours later after some very uncomfortable, dangerous and painful driving (I was desperate for a wee for 2 hours before he stopped) we arrived at the ferry port. By this time Gary was not happy and was questioning our decision to leave Bangkok (I had explained it would be a shame for him to go to Thailand and just see Bangkok but warned him it was a lot of travel time – he had to make his own decision and I wasn’t taking credit for it!).

His doubts disappeared when we boarded a tuk tuk to Lonely Beach and got talking to everyone on it. He immediately formed a bromance with a guy from Chichester who was travelling with his girlfriend and their friend, and then we arrived at our bungalows and he knew it had been the right decision. Our room was basic but just what we needed. I’m happy as long as the room has aircon and no bugs! We have had the occasional lizard but I can deal with that.

Our first night was spent finding our way around and exploring the cute, quirky little hippie bars that lined the streets. It’s full of stoners and probably the most chilled out place I’ve visited in South East Asia. Like the islands I’ve been to before nothing much happens in the day and then everyone comes out at night, which is fine by me. We spent our first night searching for the rugby. I was angry to find out there was a premiership football game on at the same time as the Welsh match so my chances of finding anywhere playing it were low. We had just about given up when we stumbled on a little bar who told us we could put whatever we wanted on. I was so happy!

Being rugby losers!

Being rugby losers!

We ended up there for the whole night. Unfortunately the commentary was in Thai so we watched the game in mute but it was way better than nothing! by the time it had finished we were both really tired (I had been falling asleep by the end – it wasn’t the best game!) and went to bed pretty early by Thailand standards, getting up pretty late the next day.

I seem to have adopted a schedule of going to bed at around 2am and getting up at 12, which suits me fine because by the time I’m sorted I’ve usually missed the most intense midday sun. Plus, why not be lazy when I have the freedom to do it? and also the later I stay up the easier it is to catch people on Skype. So anyway we spent that day at the beach. Lonely beach is okay but a little over populated. The water is clear but full of pebbles and I have to admit it’s nothing compared to the beautiful beaches I’ve seen in the southern islands, but lovely nonetheless.

Lonely Beach

Lonely Beach

Chilling out at a beach front bar

Chilling out at a beach front bar

We had our first night out in Koh Chang that night and headed to the bar on the beach. There’s something pretty liberating about dancing around barefooted with minimal makeup, so I was happy. We made friends with a couple of girls and up until a certain point it was a lot of fun. That’s where things go a bit hazy and led to me feeling very ill the next day, oh and having a 2 hour Skype conversation that I had no memory of afterwards – not good!

So the next day I was unfortunately too ill to do much. All I did was lie in the hotel restaurant watching films and drinking fruit shakes, which was unfortunate since it was Gary’s last day. He left yesterday morning and I had a pretty lazy time. I basically wandered to the beach and back, sat on the seafront and then watched a film again. I think I’m coming to terms with the fact I’m not going to do much while I’m here! I am planning on heading back to Bangkok on Friday. I had thought I would stay here longer but for several reasons I’m not sure how safe I feel here on my own and so would feel better being with Jess again. It’s something to do with feeling Thai men’s eyes following me when I walk around alone and worrying that they know I’m in my room on my own.

the narrow streets of koh chang

the narrow streets of koh chang

For now I’m going to spend 2 more nights here and basically do nothing. Today I have big plans to walk to the beach and get a massage, then head back, watch the sunset then chill out and watch a film in the hotel restaurant again – it’s a hard life!

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